Like You

Mirror says, Upper-middle-aged white male in a Power Suit.
Feeling greasy, nothing French cuffs and sparkly links can’t cure.
A red carpet honoring rank-ascending-accomplishment, rolled out.
Today, I pretend I am like you.

The launch of our newest big-time coffee promotion,
I’ll visit the one closest to HQ. Pour some inspiration for our folks on the ground.

Main attraction! Hurr’ray, hurr’ray, meet a semi-big wig, me!
Take orders and pass paper bags out the drive-thru window? Sure.

An autograph? A pleasure, but do you even know who I am? I may seem out of place, but I swear…I’m just like you.
Where do I sign? The cup? No problem.
Group selfies? Of course! My wife says mine are getting better lately. Duck-face and peace signs or sincere smiles and crows feet?

I’m so ecstatic about your enthusiasm for my presence. Now, let me advise you all on garnering praise and earning capitalistic accolades

to ensure your remembrance for fiscal years into the future.